Cow wearing virtual reality glasses gives more milk? – Pets

Cow wearing virtual reality glasses gives more milk? – Pets
Cow wearing virtual reality glasses gives more milk? – Pets

A Turkish farmer has now started an unusual experiment to boost the milk production of his cows – he puts VR glasses on them.

20 minutes a day, accompanied by symphonies by Mozart and Beethoven, two “test cows” can now enjoy “Virtual Reality”. The 30-year-old Turkish farmer Izzet Kocak wants to increase the milk production of his cows by using special VR glasses to show them lush meadows and green pastures.

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researchers are interested

The glasses were specially ordered from Russia, where the Ministry of Agriculture juggled the same idea two years ago. The farmer from the province of Aksaray owns a total of 180 animals, which he says are taken to a pasture every day, but the additional 20 minutes on the simulated “fake meadow” would have resulted in an additional milk surplus of five liters per cow after just one week guided. Apart from that, researchers from Germany, Russia and England would now also like to know whether the quality of the milk would also be improved.

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No “organic” seal

Animal rights activists are skeptical about the usefulness of the glasses and fear that the freedom of farm animals would be curtailed even more due to technical advances. Even the most beautiful three-dimensional images cannot replace a real willow tree.

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