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The Angels After a long hesitation wants Hollywood Star Alec Baldwin (63) handed over his smartphone to the investigators in the case of the deadly film shoot. The actor will hand over his cell phone to the authorities this week, the lawyer announced Aaron Dyer according to the New York Times. His client and he reached an agreement with authorities in Santa Fe County last weekend.

Shortly before, the authorities in the US state of New Mexico had announced that they had requested the return of the phone by means of a search warrant from a court in mid-December, but the mobile phone had not yet been handed over to the authorities. Baldwin’s lawyers had received the request, but even after the prosecutor’s office had called in, the phone had not been handed over to this day, it said. Text messages, emails, social media accounts and photos on the device, among other things, should be examined for the police investigation.

Baldwin’s attorney dismissed reports that his mandate would not cooperate with authorities. “Since that tragic incident, Mr. Baldwin has continued to cooperate with the authorities and any allegation to the contrary is simply untrue,” the statement read, quoted by the newspaper.

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