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Attacks of November 13, 2015, the trialdossier

Questioned this Friday by the specially composed Assize Court, the 34-year-old accused returned to his stay in Syria within the Islamic State group as well as his – aborted – career as a suicide bomber.

By his own admission, Adel Haddadi “don’t ask questions”. As a result, when he leaves for Turkey, he finds himself in Syria; when he thinks of doing humanitarian work, he learns to use a Kalashnikov; when he becomes a cook in a house in Raqqa, he is chosen by the Islamic State (IS or Daesh) for a suicide mission in Europe. Stopped in Greece – just like his boxing neighbor Muhammad Usman – he will not hit France with his other traveling companions, two Iraqis who will blow themselves up at the Stade de France on November 13, 2015.

In the courtroom, the accused, huddled in his checkered shirt, square glasses and bald head, distributes as many words as fog. Adel Haddadi, 34, is the story of a young Algerian who struggled with odd jobs – market seller, waiter in a restaurant, mosquito repellent spreader, cook in a hotel… – and dreamed of leaving his poor suburb of Algiers because “It is not a life”, before to find himself a few months later – and to listen to him, in spite of himself – bird of death on behalf of Daesh.

His journey, which he unfolds sometimes in Arabic accompanied by his interpreter, sometimes in hesitant French, seems more interspersed with decisions…

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