after the show of force, the junta activates on the diplomatic front

after the show of force, the junta activates on the diplomatic front
after the show of force, the junta activates on the diplomatic front

Published on : 15/01/2022 – 05:31

On Friday, Malians responded massively to the call of the junta to demonstrate against the sanctions imposed on Mali by ECOWAS. The mobilization was strong in Bamako and inside the country. Despite this show of force, the dialogue is not broken. The junta will continue to dialogue with sub-regional institutions and countries of the sub-region for a return to constitutional order in Mali.

With our correspondent in Bamako, Serge Daniel

During this Friday’s rally in Bamako, Colonel Abdoulaye Maïga, Malian Minister of Territorial Administration and government spokesman, said that his government remained open to dialogue with ECOWAS despite this.

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According to our information, he is in principle going to Mauritania in 72 hours – a neighboring country that is not a member of ECOWAS – with 5 other ministers by special flight. The objective of this trip is twofold. See how to circumvent the embargo on Mali, a landlocked country, and consider using Mauritanian ports for import and export.

But the Malian crisis will also be at the center of discussions and Mauritanian officials could help find a solution. The same official Malian delegation will then visit in Algeria for the same reasons.

According to good sources, Algiers and Nouakchott could strongly advise Colonel Assimi Goïta’s envoys to establish a timetable of actions to be taken during the rest of the transition, in order to organize general elections this year. Not beyond… The idea would be shared by the two sub-regional institutions responsible for the sanctions decreed against Mali.

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