Bot L10 Pro review: the dream of robot vacuum cleaners

Bot L10 Pro review: the dream of robot vacuum cleaners
Bot L10 Pro review: the dream of robot vacuum cleaners

In appearance, the Dreame Bot L10 Pro is not the most innovative. It also strongly resembles the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8 Aivi or the Roborock S5 Max. Circular in shape, it lets a small tower protrude from its black frame, which is none other than the laser rangefinder.

Still on top of the device, we can see the control panel. A first button returns the robot to its charging station. The central control turns the device on and off (if held for 3 seconds) and starts cleaning. The last command instructs the robot to briefly clean around itself an area of ​​1.5 x 1.5 m.

We continue the inspection and notice three 3D sensors on the front of the Bot L10 Pro. A large grid occupies half of the edge of the device, which is responsible for letting the hot air evacuated by the robot pass through, but also camouflages the loudspeaker.

Once the magnetic lid is open, the Bot L10 Pro reveals its collector with a capacity of 570 ml, which places it in the average of our comparison.

A wifi indicator and a reset button are also hidden under the hood. Finally, Dreame provides small cleaning tools: a brush and a nozzle to cut hair and hair tangled in the main brush.

To access this brush, you have to turn the robot over. We then see fall sensors, the location to hang the side brush, two large toothed wheels and a smaller one on the front of the device. The mop also finds its place under the robot. Indeed, if the user wishes, it is possible to add a mop to the Bot L10 Pro.

Supplied with the device, it attaches to the 270 ml water tank provided for this purpose. All you have to do is fill the tank (without detergent), moisten the mop beforehand and clip everything to the robot. Remember that the L10 Pro is not a floor cleaning robot in itself. Its mop is certainly not capable of removing stubborn stains, in particular because it does not brush the floor. On the other hand, it will be useful for maintaining the house between two more intensive washes.

To fully charge its battery, the Dreame robot comes with a very discreet docking station, barely 9 cm high.

Connectivity and app

The L10 Pro does not have its own app, but that of Xiaomi, Dreame’s incubator. A good point, because it avoids installing yet another application on your smartphone. To pair the robot, the procedure is classic. You have to search for the device in the app and connect it to wifi.

Once the robot is registered, the user has access to several information, including the battery percentage, the cleaning time or the area cleaned in square meters. In the settings, it is possible to program cleanings at fixed times over the week or to find the history of previous sessions. A remote control is also provided to control the robot from a distance. Finally, options are available. We find, for example, the “3D obstacle avoidance” functionality thanks to which the robot intelligently avoids objects in its path. The Carpet Boost option detects carpets and allows the robot to intensify the suction on them. The Dreame also has the Do not disturb option: once activated, it prohibits any cleaning for a defined period of time.

L10 Pro correctly configured, the user can start the first cleaning. The robot maps the room and saves the map. It is also possible to save several, which is a significant advantage in a multi-storey house, for example.

The L10 Pro can vacuum the mapped area, a specific room, or a user-defined area. On the contrary, it can avoid vacuuming or washing certain areas. It is also possible to have him vacuum the area once or twice. Four suction modes are also offered (silent, standard, strong and turbo) against three to adjust the flow of water distributed by the mop.

Finally, the robot vacuum is compatible with the voice assistant Alexa – no, still not with Google Assistant. It is then possible to control it via the Amazon Alexa app or any other compatible connected object, a speaker for example.

The maintenance of the robot is quite comparable to that of the Roborock S5 Max. If the collector of the Dreame has 100 ml of extra capacity, it is still low and requires regular emptying. Fortunately, the collector is easily removed from the housing of the vacuum cleaner; be careful, however, not to scatter waste on the ground, because it is not airtight. The HEPA filter sits on the collector and can also be unclipped when one or the other needs to be cleaned. If you clean them with water, it is advisable to let them dry for 24 hours.

The L10 Pro does not have a dump station, so you have to empty the collector yourself.

The L10 Pro does not have a dump station, so you have to empty the collector yourself.

We wanted to test the filtration efficiency of the robot by having it suck up 20 g of cocoa powder. In fine, only 0.3 g ends up in the filter, which is insignificant. However, cocoa got lodged between the collector and the HEPA filter, too bad.

The application also features a Residual Time tab which allows you to consult the health status of the filter, the two brushes or the sensors.

The main brush of the L10 Pro is classic. It combines rubber blades and nylon bristles, just like that of the Realme TechLife. In the event that it catches the hair and the hair, a small cleaning tool (supplied) makes it possible to clean the roller. Thanks to its cutting tip, it helps the robot to get rid of all its rubbish. However, if this is not enough, it is always possible to completely dislodge the brush to clean it more thoroughly.

With its two lasers, the robot is able to scan its environment and detect obstacles. To reinforce his vigilance, 3D sensors allow him to recognize objects, to circumvent them without putting him in difficulty.

We therefore put it in a situation in our laboratory. After spreading sawdust in different places, we launched a clean-up. The robot starts by going along the walls, then cleans the room by performing zigzags. He covers the space well and proceeds methodically. However, it lacks precision. He thus left sawdust in places which seem easily accessible and do not pass under the curtains, which he probably confuses with walls. We did not notice this pitfall on the Dreame F9.

On the other hand, the robot perfectly manages the presence of obstacles and its course is fluid. He went over the chair bars, on the carpets and around the furniture. Only thin cables or curtain strings can get in the way of the L10 Pro.

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