Health regulations: in Narbonne and Carcassonne, many checks but few fines in 2021

Wearing a mask, pass or curfew in its time: the report drawn up by the divisional commissioner Laurent Coindreau shows that, overall, the inhabitants and professionals of the two main cities of the department have played the game well.

For almost two years, the police officers of the department have been assigned a new mission: to ensure compliance with the health rules put in place to counter the progression of the Covid on the national territory. “These checks have of course evolved with government decisions and prefectural decrees”, specifies Laurent Coindreau, “boss” of the Aude police. “On the other hand, they have never stopped: we make them every day”. This is the first lesson from the report on the action of police officers in 2021 on the front lines of the epidemic in Narbonne and Carcassonne: they undeniably occupied the ground. But their presence also highlighted the citizenship of the population.

“In 2021, we carried out 3,069 checks related to wearing a mask”, says Laurent Coindreau. In total over one year: 230 verbalizations. 1375 people were checked in particular in establishments open to the public… for only 22 reports. The results are even more telling in Aude nightclubs, where the police carried out thirty control operations following their reopening. “143 customers were checked, but we found no violations.“To this are added 288 checks in drinking establishments, for a total of 1702 people… and barely twelve verbalizations (“Only Customers”). Failure to comply with the curfew introduced last year generated more fines: 1,952 fines out of 4,700 people checked.

“Wearing a mask remains compulsory today in Narbonne and Carcassonne, but in practice, we ensure above all that this measure is respected in high-traffic areas such as Place Carnot or pedestrian streets”, specifies the divisional commissioner. As for the health pass, it has also been scrutinized by the police in bars and restaurants: 22 Aude establishments have been checked since the beginning of the month, i.e. 278 people … and not the slightest verbalization. Obviously, certain rules, the existence of which we would never have imagined in January 2020, have undeniably entered into mores.

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