Concise (VD) – Tour of the Lego version of Ali Baba’s cave

Concise (VD) – Tour of the Lego version of Ali Baba’s cave
Concise (VD) – Tour of the Lego version of Ali Baba’s cave

PostedJanuary 15, 2022, 08:59

Eric Belelek and Alex Favre, the winners of the 2nd season of Lego Masters France on M6, opened the doors of their lair in Concise (VD) to us.

Visit of Eric Belelek and Alex Favre’s Lego Room

20 minute video

The “Swiss metalheads”, as M6 nicknamed them, welcomed us Thursday evening in their lego room. Guided tour of a wonderful country where the two friends store some of their most beautiful pieces, whether they are works straight out of their imagination, more or less rare official sets or even fanciful and inspired by standard constructions.

In this Aladdin’s cave of colored bricks, passion is displayed on various shelves and tables. But the “Lego Room”, as the duo call it, is only the visible face of the iceberg of a cumbersome passion: “We have more than a hundred m2 of bricks in stock. A large part is sorted to allow us to waste as little time as possible in the construction. We also have loose parts, which we haven’t had time to sort out yet, since that requires time, space and a certain logistics”.

Concise, small peaceful Vaud town located on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel, its postcard decor, its port, its vineyards, its tax exiles from the canton of Neuchâtel and above all, yes above all, its Lego enthusiasts! For a dozen years, aficionados of all ages have been sharing and sharing their passion for Danish bricks at an exhibition that has become cult over the years: Swiss Briques.

“Yes, now we can say it and too bad for the others! We’ve been doing exhibitions for 12 years, we’ve been collecting for 15 years and there, we won Lego Masters, so I think it’s clear: Concise is indeed the French-speaking capital of Lego”, trumpeted, Deadpan, Eric. How to explain this concentration of Lego hobbies in the village? “There must be some form of gravity that makes all the Legos land here,” said Eric.

From repairs to wise advice, from helping hands to crushes, Eric and Alex have forged bonds that go beyond those of a standard friendship: “We built a lot in pairs, we also did it alone in our area. . But generally, it’s the one and the other that we manage to motivate each other to do something together. Without necessarily building together, we work both a lot. One shows the other what he quickly put together, when he had two hours to kill, and the other explains to him how he would have proceeded or what technique he would have used,” says Eric.

The winners of Lego Masters France, Eric Belelek (left) and Alex Favre in their lair.

20 minutes

A beautiful complicity that does not prevent the spats… “We argue all the time, giggles Alex. About at least once a day when we see each other. “The insults fuse very very often, abounds Eric. We’re not from the same family, but I (ndlr: Alex) consider my little brother, it’s beyond a friend”. To the point that sometimes the accomplices swing coins across the face. “Yes, but it’s especially when you come across pale copies of Lego, when you sort the loose pieces,” laughs Alex. “During the show, once, Eric Antoine bored us so much and prevented us from working, that we ended up bombarding him with coins,” added the youngest Swiss metalhead, hilariously.

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