Taubira soon to be a presidential candidate? Who supports her?

Taubira soon to be a presidential candidate? Who supports her?
Taubira soon to be a presidential candidate? Who supports her?

POLITICS – Between the Rhône and the Saône to aim for the Elysée. Christiane Taubira should end the false suspense of her presidential candidacy this Saturday, January 15, during a trip to Lyon, in the Croix-Rousse district.

Less than three months from the first round, the left will have six main candidates with it, none of whom for the moment exceed the 10% mark in the polls, whether it be the rebellious Jean-Luc Mélenchon, still the better placed, the ecologist Yannick Jadot, the communist Fabien Roussel, the cantor of “the Remontada” Arnaud Montebourg, however close to giving up, or the socialist Anne Hidalgo.

Last to enter the arena, Christiane Taubira announced at the end of December that she planned to be a candidate “in the face of the impasse” of a left more than ever divided, and had made an appointment for January 15 to clarify her choice. Since then, the former minister has been preparing and has promised to comply with the result of the popular Primary. But with which relays does it launch into the race?

A handful of devotees

Around her, a hard core of a few faithful quickly formed, many from the socialist ranks… while the big political prizes are slow to come.

In the shadows, his former chief of staff and his former press adviser at the Ministry of Justice help him on a daily basis in the development of the campaign, as does Axel Urgin, an enarque now elected to the town hall of Créteil, and former chief of staff of Christian Paul when the latter was Secretary of State for Overseas France in the Jospin government between 2000 and 2002.

Christian Paul, precisely, is also part of this close guard, where Guillaume Lacroix, president of the Radical Left Party, and Clara Paul-Zamour, in charge of communication, appear.

In total, a team of 40 people with “very varied” profiles surrounds the former Keeper of the Seals, according to AFP, not counting the some 200 thematic contributors – senior civil servants, researchers, local elected officials, association representatives – who make him crank up notes to craft “an audible vision of the left” detailing “where she wants to take the country.”

Saturday evening Nièvre

The team also intends to rely on the more than 80 committees of the “Taubira for 2022” citizens’ collective, with the aim of mobilizing locally and on social networks. Support groups born in 2020, the main of which has some 100,000 members.

After the preparations behind the scenes, the ex-minister can also count on a few local elected officials and the support of the Radical Left Party to embody his campaign. The political formation, which already had Christiane Taubira as a candidate in 2002 (2.32%) voted a new support unanimously last December.

In addition to Christian Paul, former PS deputy from Nièvre, now mayor of Lormes, presented as the linchpin of this pre-campaign, the Guyanese convinced Fabien Bazin, the president of the same department, also a member of the PS, or Erwann Binet, a former parliamentarian from Isère, to join him.

Elected officials little known to the general public, to which is added, however, a regional president: the socialist boss of Burgundy-Franche-Comté, Marie-Guite Dufay. And that’s all. The former minister under François Hollande, who has not yet broken through in the polls, has not registered any major rallying.

Soon the popular Primary?

Some, like the mayor of Marseille, Benoît Payan make a choice halfway. The city councilor inserted in the PS, but leader of a motley coalition in the second city of France, announced Thursday at Release that he would support the winner of the popular Primary. A civic process for which only Christiane Taubira agrees to play the game among the “big” candidates.

In this context, the hypothesis of a victory for the former Keeper of the Seals in this election – the terms of the vote for which will be presented on Saturday shortly after his declaration – is considered credible by many on the left, given the iconic image Guyanese for some voters. And a primary tailor-made for her, according to the most critical.

It was Christiane Taubira who received the greatest number of supporters at the end of the sponsorship process, which was completed in the fall, ie 34,625 “supporters” out of the 130,000 citizens who participated. What to consider the continuation of his adventure with serenity? And a victory on January 30 (the date of the popular Primary vote)? All that will remain, in the event of a favorable outcome, is the famous 500 sponsorships of elected officials to collect… and a program to present.

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