France bans dancing in bars and restaurants for four weeks

France bans dancing in bars and restaurants for four weeks
France bans dancing in bars and restaurants for four weeks

It will be forbidden to dance in bars and restaurants in France from Friday morning until January 6 inclusive, a period during which nightclubs will have to close their doors as part of the new anti-Covid measures decided by the French government, according to a decree published on Wednesday.

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The discos “cannot welcome the public until January 6 inclusive“From Friday 6:00 am, according to the decree which adds that”this prohibition applies until the same date to dance activities»Bars and restaurants.

A study published in November in the medical journal The Lancet, the ComCor study by the Institut Pasteur carried out from May 23 to August 13, concluded that nightclubs were “places at high risk of transmission“, Because these are closed places with poor ventilation, where the coronavirus can stay more easily suspended in the air. The nightclubs reopened in France on July 9, with health pass, after 16 months of closure.

The owners of nightclubs have been compensated, and will be compensated again to compensate for the losses of the coming weeks, but they complain that other party places will be able to remain open.

Tuesday, a nightclub boss called out to President Emmanuel Macron while he was strolling through the center of Vierzon (Cher), telling him “it is us again that you are closing, the 1,200 establishments” in France ,”we don’t ask for alms, we want to work».

«You must not believe that you are being stigmatized», Replied Emmanuel Macron. Unlike restaurants and bars, where “we are seated», «most of the time we are not around a table“In nightclubs, he explained to the boss who complained of a difference in treatment between these establishments.

«We will try to reopen as soon as possible, I agree to it“, Added the president, assuring that the discotheques would be”compensated in an exemplary manner to keep during this period».

Prime Minister Jean Castex noted that wearing a mask, which had become compulsory at the end of November in all places closed in France even with the health pass, was “extremely difficult (to enforce) in these establishments».


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