General vaccination requirements are irresponsible and unconstitutional

General vaccination requirements are irresponsible and unconstitutional
General vaccination requirements are irresponsible and unconstitutional

The lawyer and former top politician Otto Schily reckons with the current Corona policy. Schily, who by his own account has been vaccinated three times, considers a general vaccination obligation to be “irresponsible” and “simply unconstitutional”. In a guest post for Die Welt, Schily wrote: “In a free democracy based on the rule of law, the state must not presume to impose a certain medical treatment on the individual.” It is “unconscious, the earlier determinations on a question which the core of the fundamental rights is concerned, simply to declare waste overnight ”.

This, writes the former Federal Minister of the Interior, applies all the more “in view of the fact that these are newly developed vaccination methods, the long-term consequences of which cannot be conclusively and reliably assessed after a relatively short period of use”. Schily emphasizes that he is not an opponent of vaccinations and that he recommends “especially people who belong to the so-called vulnerable groups to get vaccinated”.

However, he also knows “a large number of people” who are at most asymptomatically ill with Covid-19 through a healthy lifestyle and mindfulness, although they are not vaccinated and come into contact with many potential virus carriers “.

Hostility and bullying against those unwilling to vaccinate

In children and adolescents, the course in the case of corona disease is also “usually rather mild” and the “natural immunization brought about in the course of recovery is indisputably far more sustainable than a vaccination”. Schily does not have an overview of health impairments caused by vaccinations in children and adolescents. But: “As far as I know, there is definitely cause for concern that considerable vaccine damage will occur on a not insignificant scale.”

Schily also considers it difficult to enforce a general vaccination requirement. People who do not want to vaccinate would have to come to terms with many restrictions today. In everyday life they are exposed to “increasing hostility and bullying”. Schily: “Should they now also be driven into poverty by continued fines?”

While on the one hand there is discussion about compulsory vaccination, the state does not succeed in offering all those who want to be vaccinated the opportunity to be fully vaccinated. That is “grotesque”. According to the Robert Koch Institute dashboard, only around nine percent of the population have received a booster vaccination so far.


General vaccination requirements irresponsible unconstitutional

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