Director Matthias Schweighöfer on relationship with Ruby O. Fee

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Actor Matthias Schweighöfer, here in a photo from October 15, 2021, speaks openly about his relationship with Ruby O. Fee.

Jealous drama while filming? Matthias Schweighöfer reveals how the collaboration with his girlfriend Ruby O. Fee really went.

Berlin. As is well known, it is better to separate professional and private life – but not so with Matthias Schweighöfer (40) and his 15-year-old girlfriend Ruby O. Fee (25). For the new Netflix comedy “Army of Thieves”, in which Schweighöfer plays the lead role and directs it at the same time, the couple now stand together in front of the camera – and have to deliver professionally despite the butterflies in their stomachs.

But how well can that work? In a first joint interview with “Stern”, Schweighöfer reveals that he and Ruby had established rules in advance to ensure a professional appearance on the set. “We don’t show our relationship to anyone on the set,” said Schweighöfer.

Matthias Schweighöfer is shooting a new Netflix film with his girlfriend Ruby

“Another rule was: When we get into the hotel room, we no longer talk about the day of shooting. That stays on the set. We pulled off that well, I was really proud of us, ”the attractive blonde reveals.

But there was one exception anyway – Ruby got jealous on set because of another lady for whom her lover took more time than for her. “You were often very abrupt with me,” complains the 25-year-old. Matthias replies: “I just know you better, because I was able to speak to you more directly.”

He makes it clear that the 40-year-old is more than happy in his relationship despite small attacks of jealousy: “Never before have I trusted a woman as much as Ruby,” enthuses the successful film director.

Actor Matthias Schweighöfer raves about his girlfriend Ruby

Just recently, the father of two made it as a guest on the US talk show of the famous Jimmy Fallon (47). But Schweighöfer almost missed his chance because of panic fear of flying.

“I owe that to Ruby. For years I suffered from panic fear of flying, which is why I shied away from every flight to the USA. Then Ruby came into my life. Before that she had a really good manager in Hollywood, made an action film with Mads Mikkelsen. Then I thought: If you want that too, you have to overcome your fears, ”he proudly reveals.


Matthias and Ruby met in 2014 while filming “Bibi and Tina”. When the couple first made the relationship public in February 2019, they initially received a lot of criticism for their enormous age difference.

“At the beginning of our relationship I had to listen to a lot of things like:“ It won’t last long with the little one! ”And now we’ve been together for three and a half years. It’s not forever, but it feels damn good. Hopefully at some point people will say about us: They did a good job, what a beautiful couple, ”said Schweighöfer. (lg)


Director Matthias Schweighöfer relationship Ruby Fee

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